Fundraising For A Public Art Project


The main objective of this exhibition is to raise funds for a permanent public art project in the city of Thunder Bay.

In 2010 I was given the opportunity to create a summer course, Site Specific Project a Public Art Course, that took place in the Bank Site on Victoria Ave in collaboration with the City of Thunder Bay and Lakehead University, and with generous assistance from Habib Architect. Since then a collective of dedicated artist have been raising funds to create a permanent public art project and are now a few steps away from finalizing our plan. All the proceeds from sales of artworks on display will be donated to that project.

Syria, the mixed media painting on canvas is my homage to the current issues in a country that I have come to admire as one of the cradles of civilization.

The miniature size artworks in the center are samples of my recent collage sketches. When ideas flow rapidly my hands are busy making. From small found objects to obsessive upcycling, they will be combined to find a happy medium.

Yantra #1, mixed media painting on wood. Traditionally Yantras were used in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind and focus it on spiritual concepts. Although my depictions of yantras are personalized I remain hopeful that the calming effects stay the same.

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Stop Motion Animation Project



Lakehead University 2nd Year Drawing Class Stop Motion Animation Project 2015

This project was designed to facilitate students with the art of frame-by-frame drawing methods. In each session students resolved some of the issues related to moving forms and the background in their individual contents. Each work consists of numerous hand drawn frames then digitized and completed using ready made Stop Motion Animation Apps and video editing software.

Public Art Projects


Art in Public Spaces, Site Specific Project

This course was designed by professor Sam Shahsahabi in collaboration with Lakehead University and City of Thunder Bay. Aimed at educating local artists to learn public art process and engaging community revitalization programs.

With thanks to local community leaders and business. Funded by City of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

Special thanks to Habib Architect for providing the site.

Art Works By: Sam Shahsahabi, Kelly Greer, Carol Kajorinne, Hannah Guthrie, Breanna Bakkelund, and Thunder Bay Art Gallery Summer Camp

Music: “Karagöz” by Melih Duygulu